The Perfect Homecare Company Is Here

As most know, homes are one of the most important pieces to a family’s livelihood. A home is like a body. It needs a heart, where a family spends the most time. It needs to breathe and have the space and the pipes and vents are like the veins bringing important materials to the body, in this case, the family. A home needs taken care of like any body and like any living creature.

The question becomes, who does one trust to take care of and maintain the home? If you or someone you know is looking to replace doors, windows, siding or a roof, looking no further! The trusted professionals at Erie Construction have customer friendly oriented professionals with years of experience. They not only are experts in making you feel comfortable, but are experts in the field of making your home look like new.

Why This Company?

This locally owned construction company has been in business for over thirty years and has manufactured, supplied and installed quality home products. The company offers lifetime warranties and great financing options to ensure customer satisfaction and that customers are receiving the best investment possible.


This company, as mentioned above, offers great financing options. Any remodeling project can maximize the purchasing power through creative financing by increasing the home’s assessed value. They also work with the Home Acceptance Corporation, which can help one quickly and confidentially.

Services Offered

There are many services offered as also mentioned above including but not limited to window, roof, siding and door replacement.

Windows are one of the best parts of the home. They are the doors to the world while keeping the elements out. When looking to replace windows, this company can provide the best and highest quality options.

Roofs are arguably one of the most important parts of a home. They protect the family from the elements, the sun and so much more. When looking for roof replacement, this company offers traditional shingle asphalt roofing as well as state of the art metal roofing, which last that much longer.

Siding and doors are just pieces to the puzzle. Siding comes in all colors and textures as well as doors. This company is what you are looking for when looking to make your home look like new.